3 years of Think Accountancy and Finance!
3rd February 2023

3 for 3…..

In February 2023 we celebrate 3 years since our launch and we have 3 in the team!

The “Rule of Three,” a renowned writing principle, suggests that when things come in threes, they are inherently funnier, more satisfying, or more effective than other numbers

I cannot quite believe 3 years have passed since I joined Think.

Time really has not slowed down since I joined and we now enter our 4th year with bags of confidence and a great network of clients and candidates!

The greatest thing for me throughout the 3 years has been the long term relationships we have built. It gives me such joy to start these conversations and build a partnership. As a team we built new relationships/registered jobs with a record number of businesses in 2022, and we look forward to supporting these businesses again in 2023.

I enjoy taking the time to reflect on the year gone by, how it compared to the previous 12 months and the year before that. I have pondered a lot over how to sum up 2022. Many will agree it was a surprising year and to sum up in one word is near on impossible.

It was:

  • Exciting
  • Challenging
  • Stressful
  • Mentally tough
  • Required tenacity
  • The start of new relationships
  • Growth
  • Hitting targets
  • Missing targets
  • Highs and lows


But we made it!

Alex completed her first full year as an Accountancy Recruiter and Craig celebrated 2 years in the team.

So what will 2023 bring? We saw the highest level of vacancies ever registered and this has not dropped off in the first few weeks of the year. Candidates in 2022 had the control of the market but dare I say we have seen an increase in suitable applicants for roles already.

What has been wonderful is the respect shown from clients in the work we have been putting into sourcing candidates for their roles. Last year we rarely filled a role with someone who had applied for it directly. A lot of work had to go into generating suitable applicants through multiple channels and using a lot of resources available to us. It is tough but highly rewarding!

So looking ahead – what do we have planned?

We want to grow again. We have already started putting communication out to see if we can bring in our next consultant! We are sourcing for plenty of vacancies, so another member of the team will be great to keep expanding in line with our growth plans.

I've asked the team to give an insight into how they think the last few years have gone:

Craig, Consultant 

"I’ve just completed my second full year at Think, and those 2 years easily equal to the most extreme in my now 8 years in Finance recruitment. 2021 started as Candidate heavy as I’ve ever known it, 2022 was as candidate light as I’ve ever known it, like many I am hoping for a more levelled 2023. It made for tricky times but it led to great opportunities and chances to work with new businesses, and the start of some great relationships. Here’s hoping that in 2023 we can see some normality and some flourishing partnerships with new and existing clients".

Alex, Consultant

"I never saw myself working within Finance recruitment, I am usually the type of person to stay within my own comfort zone and do what I know. When I returned from Maternity Leave I began working with Clare closely, helping with resourcing candidates. Clare offered a lot of support as a return to work Mum herself, and helped me find my work feet again. When I was asked if I would like to join the Accountancy and Finance Division I jumped at the chance. I found a new challenge and this was just what I needed to get myself back to being Alex again!

I’ve learnt a lot since I started working in the Division in Sept 2021. I’ve discovered a whole new industry that in all honesty I shied away from and how to persevere through tough market conditions and strong competition.

I've also made some fantastic relationships with new Clients and helped a number of Candidates secure brand new opportunities and progress their careers".

Bobby – Business Manager

"The addition of the Accountancy & Finance division focussing on a new market has had an incredibly positive effect on the company as a whole.

By expanding into this new market, the company has been able to reach out to more businesses and in turn through all they do, increased our client and candidate base.

We have always previously looked after roles within Finance, but having a focussed division and 3 people now that specialise in that field, it’s clear to see that we can offer a much higher quality service and improved client and candidate experience as they’re dealing with specialists.

The team live and breathe finance, so it’s now not something that’s mixed in with Business Support and HR, they are very much specialists in their field. They get up-to-date information about the industry, keep on top of trends and are able to use that data to help candidates and be true consultants to their clients".

Thank you to all the team at Think Specialist Recruitment. Your unwavering support does not go unnoticed, to Chris – without you none of this would have been possible! And finally a massive thank you to our clients, our candidates and everyone we will continue to work with in this, our 4th year.

I cannot wait to see what 2023 holds for us!

 To contact Clare email [email protected] or call us on 01442 600 100


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