Our Partnership Agreement

We've worked with many clients over the years and the majority of them are still with us.

By being open and honest, we build long-term partnerships with our clients and candidates who trust our advice and understand that we are not just looking for a “quick win”.

We help clients who are looking to grow their teams and candidates who are looking to further their careers. Our three key values are:

● Building long-term relationships
● Striving for excellence
● Being accountable

Our values are ingrained in the business and everything we do. They have helped us build a reputation in the market that sees clients and candidates coming back to us in their time of need.

So with all that in mind, our Partnership Agreement is about making sure we are accountable and always striving for excellence but also being transparent with our clients so they know how they can enable the process to be successful, and to get the best out of our relationship. 

Click here to download our Parnership Agreement. 

We have always had a fantasic service from the staff at Think and know that they will always provide a high calibre of candidate.
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